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Geographic Information Systems Clearinghouse

GIS Data Set Details

Data Set Name Description Theme Metadata
Water Inventory/Priority Waterbodies List
Revised: March 2020
The Waterbody Inventory/Priority Waterbodies List (WI/PWL) is an inventory of the state's surface water quality. The dataset provides a summary of general water quality conditions, tracks the degree to which a water body supports its designated uses, and monitors progress toward the identification and resolution of water quality problems, pollutants, and sources. The WI/PWL reports are produced for each of the 17 major drainage basins in the state on a schedule that allows each to be updated every 5 years. The review and updating of these reports include a public participation component. The data are displayed in four themes, representing the types of water bodies included on the WI/PWL. They include Shoreline, Rivers/Streams, Lakes/Reservoirs, and Estuary.   Hydrography
Watersheds/Water Supply


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