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NYS ITS GIS Program Office

Geographic Information Systems Clearinghouse

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Program History

The Statewide GIS Coordination Program builds on many of the recommendations contained in the Temporary GIS Council report and Office of Real Property Services report. We have modified their recommended organizational structures slightly to reflect some of local governments' concerns. On September 20, 1996 Governor George Pataki's Office released its first Technical Policy on Geographic Information Systems. This policy was sent to all State Agencies and established the framework for the development of a permanent Statewide GIS Program. Among other things, it charged the Coordinating Body with developing a statewide policy that will allow the transfer of digital data between State and Local Governments easily at little or no cost.

The first meeting of the Statewide GIS Coordinating Body was held on November 8, 1996. Work groups are being used by the Coordinating Body to address specific issues as they arise. A wide variety of candidates have been selected to work on these issues and assignments have been provided to the work group Chairpersons with deadlines for completion. Local and State Government and Private Sector Advisory Groups have been formed to provide input to the Coordinating Body on issues specifically affecting their sectors. In the next few months, we intend to have the clearinghouse established at the library, initial standards adopted, any necessary legislation drafted to eliminate GIS inhibitors and look at the financial and marketing possibilities for GIS in New York State.

Statewide GIS Policy Documents