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NYS ITS GIS Program Office

Geographic Information Systems Clearinghouse

GIS Funding Opportunities in Homeland Security

New York State Homeland Security Program (SHSP) and State Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Program (SLETPP) include a grant "priority project" category for leveraging Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and GIS data development for improving homeland security and all-hazards emergency preparedness and response capabilities.  It is clear that GIS is critical to homeland security, law enforcement, and emergency preparedness and response initiatives

The GIS homeland security grant "priority project" category not only supports GIS development at the local government level but also recognizes and supports the Statewide GIS Strategic Plan.  Below is the wording of the NYS ITS GIS Program Office recommended GIS "priority project."

"Geographic Information System (GIS):  Development or enhancement of GIS and datasets, including ortho imagery (aerial photography), elevation, and others consistent with the NYS GIS Strategic Plan (available online at: program/straplan".

Examples of GIS initiatives to consider in applying for grant funding:

Ortho Imagery Upgrades: NYS ITS GIS Program Office provides the base program at no cost to users. Grant dollars could fund upgrades to meet local government's specific needs.



Elevation Data: NYS ITS GIS Program Office's ortho imagery contract includes options to capture FEMA flood map compliant Digital Elevation Models (DEM)s.




Streets and Address Enhancements: Grant funds could be used to bring streets and address data up to the quality needed to support E911 applications. Once complete, NYS ITS GIS Program Office has a comprehensive program to partner with local governments to keep streets and addresses current.


Critical Infrastructure: GIS layers of your critical infrastructure can be built and maintained using SHSP/SLETPP. Once built, local governments may want to search, query and view them in NYS ITS GIS Program Office's Critical Infrastructure Response Information System (CIRIS).





For information on these and other activities eligible for Homeland Security grant funding call Frank Winters, NYS ITS GIS Program Office GIS Manager at 518-242-5029.