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NYS ITS GIS Program Office

Geographic Information Systems Clearinghouse


What Is GIS?


gis layersIn its simplest form, GIS can be used to create a map for the user on demand; in its more complex form, it becomes a database with millions of pieces of data that are related geographically and can be displayed and analyzed in a format that the user may desire to make complex interrelationships visually understandable.

GIS is currently being used by many State agencies for such things as emergency response planning, business development, real property tax administration and analysis, transportation planning and analysis, wildlife and natural resource analysis, health care (disease studies), and school district (school aid distribution) and political boundary mapping.

Many local governments are using GIS for similar tasks, as well as for criminal investigations, 911 administration, tax mapping, analysis of census data, development planning and engineering.

Finally, GIS is also used in the private sector in many ways, particularly by utility companies and marketing firms.

The NYS ITS GIS Program Office has been charged with the task of implementing New York's Statewide GIS Coordination Program.