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NYS ITS GIS Program Office

Geographic Information Systems Clearinghouse

Geospatial Advisory Council

Chair: Christina Croll


Vice Chair: Sylvie Browne
Executive Director: Frank Winters

Mission Statement: Advise the State on effective use of geospatial technology resulting in tangible benefits to NYS.

The NYS Geospatial Advisory Council  (formerly called the GIS Coordinating Body), operating under the auspices of the NYS ITS GIS Program Office, coordinates, promotes and facilitates the development, effective use, and sharing of geographic information. It also removes barriers to implementing geographic information technology to improve the delivery of public services, protect the public and the environment, and enhance the business climate for the benefit of the State, its municipalities, businesses and citizens.

GAC team

2021 NY State Geospatial Advisory Council

Row 1: Cattyann Campbell, Frank, Heather Weller, Ana Hiraldo Gomez
Row 2: Carrie Wiley, Christina Croll, Jonathan Garner, David Richardson
Row 3: Eric Herman, Julia O'Brien, Keith Ducett, Lindi Quackenbush
Row 4: Mickey Dietrich, Randy Rath, Richard Reichert, Sveltla Borovska
Row 5: Chris O'Connor, Chris Rado, Sylvie Browne, Todd Nelson


Meeting Minutes and Governance

Future: 9/14/2022, 12/7/2022

Previous:6/22/2022, 6/22/2022 Federal Report pdf, 3/23/2022 pdf, 12/14/2021 Federal Report pdf, 12/14/2021 pdf, 9/14/2021 pdf, 6/2/2021 pdf, 3/17/2021 pdf,
9/10/2020 pdf, 12/8/2020 pdf, 6/9/2020 pdf, 3/12/2020, 12/11/2019 pdf, 9/10/2019 pdf, 6/4/2019 pdf,
3/13/2019 pdf, 12/11/2018 pdf, 9/11/2018 pdf, 6/18/2018 pdf, 3/27/2018 pdf, 12/12/2017 pdf,
Census Activities Local Update of Census Addresses (LUCA) pdf, 9/19/2017 pdf, 6/13/2017 pdf, 3/22/2017 pdf,
12/13/2016 pdf, 9/14/2016 pdf, 6/14/2016 pdf, 3/15/2016 pdf, 12/9/2015 pdf, 12/9/2015 Federal Report pdf,
9/16/2015 pdf, 6/11/2015 pdf, 3/25/2015 pdf, 3/25/2015 Federal Report pdf

2013-2014 (139kb) zip 2009-2012 (78kb) zip 2007-2008 (54kb) zip
2005-2006(76kb) zip 2003-2004 (38kb) zip 2001-2002(89kb) zip 1997-1999 (43kb) zip

  • New York State Geospatial Advisory Council Governance Document pdf
  • History and Structure of GIS Coordination in NYS

  • History of the NY State Geospatial Advisory Council pdf
  • GIS Coordination in NY State pdf
  • Recasting the NYS GIS Coordinating Body as the NYS Geospatial Advisory Council pdf
  • Council Representatives

  • Geospatial Advisory Council Member Terms xls
  • Past NYS Geospatial Advisory Council Representatives pdf
  • Council Representatives 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
  • Related Documents

  • June 18th, 2018 - Meeting Documents zip
  • Census Activities and Local Update of Census Addresses (LUCA) pdf - Briefing for the Geospatial Advisory Council
  • Strategic Planning for New York's Statewide Spatial Data Infrastructure
  • Geospatial Advisory Council Overview for 2015 NYGeoCon pdf

    Please feel free to contact one of your sector's representatives directly.
    Otherwise, you can send a message to the Chair and Co-chair, who will forward your issue to the appropriate representative(s).

    contact the council - email us