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NYS ITS GIS Program Office

Geographic Information Systems Clearinghouse

State Agency Advisory Group

Chair: Eric Herman



Future: 1/10/2023

Previous: 9/13/2022 pdf, 4/19/2022 pdf, 1/11/2022 pdf, 9/21/21pdf, 5/18/2021pdf, 2/2/2021pdf, 10/6/2020pdf, 1/14/2020pdf, 9/17/2019 pdf, 5/7/2019 pdf, 1/8/2019 pdf,
9/5/2018 pdf, 5/1/2018 pdf,1/9/2018 pdf, 9/21/17 pdf, 4/25/2017 pdf, 1/10/2017 pdf, 8/23/16 pdf, 5/3/16 pdf, 1/12/16 pdf



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Mission Statement

The State Agency Advisory Group to the New York State Geospatial Advisory Council was established to address GIS interests specific to state government in New York. As an advisory group, its primary responsibilities are to raise issues and provide feedback about the impact of relevant GIS matters from a state agency perspective. The group also serves to provide a forum for information exchange regarding current statewide GIS programs, initiatives, and activities with which the agencies are involved.