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NYS ITS GIS Program Office

Geographic Information Systems Clearinghouse

GIS Coordination Program Participants

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Standards & Data Coordination Work Group - 17 Members
Chair: Currently Vacant

Member Organization, Sector & Address
Cakmak, Didem
PH: 518-402-4554
FAX: 518-474-0413 E-Mail
NYS Public Service Commission (State Government)
3 Empire State Plaza
19th Floor
Albany, New York  12223

Cruden, Barbara
PH: 518-402-9873
FAX: 518-402-9031 E-Mail
NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation (DEC) (State Government)
Division of Information Services
625 Broadway-Third Floor
Albany, New York  12233-2750

Duncan, Katie
GIS Coordinator
PH: 315-477-6506 E-Mail
US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) (Federal Government)
The Galleries of Syracuse
441 S. Salina Street, Suite 354
Syracuse, New York  13202-2450

Ettere, David
Manager GIS & Mapping
PH: 914-287-3297
FAX: 518-287-3294 E-Mail
New York Power Authority (State Government)
New York Power Authority
123 Main Street
White Plains, New York  10601

Freeborn, Ed
PH: 315-677-3015 E-Mail
Giddings, Mark
PH: 518-402-7305 E-Mail
NYS Dept. of Health (NYS DOH) (State Government)
Riverview Center, 5th floor - EAU
150 Broadway
Albany, New York  12204

Herman, Eric
GIS Manager
PH: 518-471-5890
FAX: 518-471-5890 E-Mail
NYS Thruway Authority (State Government)
Information Technology
200 Southern Boulevard
Albany, New York  12209

Herter, Jeff
Division of Community Resilience and Regional Programs
PH: 518-474-6000
FAX: 518-473-2464 E-Mail
NYS Dept. of State (DOS) (State Government)
Office of Planning & Development, 1 Commerce Plaza
99 Washington Street
Albany, New York  12231-0001

Martel, Michael
PH: 518-242-5029 E-Mail
NYS GIS Program Office (State Government)
10B Airline Dr.
Albany, New York  12235

Martin, Jonathan
Regional Geographer
PH: 212-584-3417
FAX: 212-584-3419 E-Mail
US Census Bureau (Federal Government)
395 Hudson Street
Suite 800
New York, New York  10014

Nelson, Todd
PH: 518-485-5887 E-Mail
NYS GIS Program Office (State Government)
10B Airline Dr.
Albany, New York  12235

O'Brien, Dan
Program Manager
PH: 518-292-2468
FAX: 518-402-3799 E-Mail
NYS Office of Emergency Management (OEM) (State Government)
1220 Washington Ave.
Building 22, Suite 101
Albany, New York  12226-2251

Rizzo, Robert
PH: 518-457-7843
FAX: 518-485-5766 E-Mail
NYS Dept. of Transportation (DOT) (State Government)
POD #21
50 Wolf Rd.
Albany, New York  12232

Signell, Steve
Senior Research Support Specialist
PH: 518-582-4551
FAX: 518-582-2181 E-Mail
SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (Academia)
6312 State Route 28N
Newcomb, New York  12852

Stolarz, David
GIS Project Manager
PH: 516-735-8120 E-Mail
CUNY Graduate School and University Center (Academia)
2097 Prospect Ave
East Meadow, New York  11554-1934

Talbot, Thomas
PH: 518-402-7950
FAX: 518-402-7959 E-Mail
NYS Dept. of Health (NYS DOH) (State Government)
547 River Street
Bureau of Occupational & Environmental Epidemiology Room 200
Troy, New York  12180-2216

Umble, Rick
PH: 845-340-3004
FAX: 845-339-1498 E-Mail
Ulster County (County Government)
25 South Manor Avenue
Kingston, New York  12401