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NYS ITS GIS Program Office

Geographic Information Systems Clearinghouse

NYS GIS Data Sharing Cooperative Concepts

  1. Sharing - All members agree to share data with other members.
  2. GIS Data Not Required - An entity does not need GIS data to join the Cooperative.
  3. No Fees - There are no fees to join the Cooperative. The cost of media and shipping are the maximum cost a data owner may charge another member for sharing. If a member makes a special request of data, other than what is provided, the data owner may, if it chooses to perform the work, charge additional fees to re-coup all extra cost for manipulating, converting, shipment of data, etc.
  4. Qualifying Status - Membership in the Cooperative is open to government and not-for-profit entities. If qualifying status changes, must notify the state.
  5. Requirements for Joining - Prior to joining the Cooperative, an entity must sign a data sharing agreement, provide a contact person, and provide an inventory of their GIS data.
  6. Population of the Clearinghouse - The member agrees to populate the Clearinghouse with metadata. Metadata created prior to joining the Cooperative doesn’t have to comply with Standards. Members are encouraged to have their data posted (or linked) to the Clearinghouse where access to it can be restricted to members of the Cooperative or made available to the public.
  7. Non-Release of Data - Members can not give another members data to a non-member, unless required by law.
  8. Request for Data - A member agrees to request data directly from the owner. Members agree not to disclose any data that is not theirs, unless required by law. Any requests for data made to a member will be forwarded to the data owner for disposure unless otherwise required by law. Members will notify data owners of all requests for data.
  9. No Restrictions Data Owners Distribution of Their Own Data - Data owners are not restricted on how they distribute their own data outside of the Cooperative.
  10. Maintenance and Improvement of Data - If any improvement is done to another member’s data, improvements must be sent to the original owner along with supporting information of sources to verify changes made. However, the data owner is not required to modify its data with the changes provided. In any case, the improved data belongs to the original data owner.
  11. New Data - Members agree to inform owner of the data when new data is created from their base data. Members may transfer ownership of data between Members upon mutual agreement from both parties.
  12. Members Agents or Consultants - Agents and Consultants may use data but the data must remain in custody and control of the Member.
  13. Standards - Members agree to adhere to standards, involving the data, set in place by the Coordinating Body.
  14. Profit Making - Data obtained from another member shall not be used for any profit making or commercial activity, marketing, or advertising, etc.
  15. Member Representative - Members agree to have one point of contact person who will be listed on the Clearinghouse.
  16. Subcontracting - If a member hires a contractor to develop GIS data, the contractor will be required to comply with the standards in providing metadata.
  17. Disputes - The State shall resolve disputes through the Coordinating Body.