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NYS ITS GIS Program Office

Geographic Information Systems Clearinghouse

LU/LC Work Group Task List


  1. Create a Mission Statement. Coordinating Body approved - completed

  2. Definition of Land Use and Land Cover (stratify fields).In Progress

  3. Ensure that existing data is made available to users in formats they can use.
    • One location for all data, all users.
    • Develop Statewide Land Cover and Land Use standards (?)

  4. Determine the need and feasibility of developing a statewide Land Cover program.
    • Other statewide programs?

  5. Determine the need and feasibility of developing a statewide Land Use program.
    • Other statewide programs?

Long-term/ Ongoing Tasks

  1. Coordinate and foster data development and partnerships with national programs, other states and among LU/LC developers and users.

  2. Identify and synthesize LU/LC needs and requirements at the State & Local level.
    a. Surveys at GIS Conference

  3. Facilitate collection and exchange of information regarding LU/LC-related projects, methodologies, and data sources.
    a. Database development/webpage – In progress

  4. Promote technical interchange, research and development regarding LU/LC issues.
    a. Interoperability
    b. Crosswalk data between programs
    c. On-line remote sensing training material (Use & development of RS) – Researching
    d. Statewide help desk/Listserve - Researching
    e. Conference participation - Continuing