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NYS ITS GIS Program Office

Geographic Information Systems Clearinghouse

LIDAR Coverage in NYS

Map Updated April 2022

LiDAR data available for download thru our new FTP server located at  We currently have 50+ LiDAR projects available for download dating back to 2002.

The LiDAR datasets are rather large, typically consisting of many tiles with some tiles as large as 1 GB. Our testing leads us to highly recommend using an FTP client (Ex: FileZilla, WinSCP) with auto restart to download these tiles. If on a Windows machine you can also paste into Windows File Explorer and navigate the FTP thru Windows.

Datasets are organized by project.  Most projects from 2007 and on have full point cloud .LAS available for download.   These point clouds will have at a minimum 2 classifications; Class 1 Unclassified, and Class 2 Bare Earth.  Earlier projects are either XYZ, XYZI, or shapefile formats zipped for download  Many of the projects are from Federal or County projects - data  is being made available as received.  When available, metadata has been stored  within the root of each project along with a zipped tile index with direct download path if you choose to download on a tile by tile basis using GIS Software.




High Resolution DEMs and 2 ft. Contours are currently unavailable for download. We will make an announcement on the GIS-List serve when files are back online. . #js_notify#