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NYS ITS GIS Program Office

Geographic Information Systems Clearinghouse

New York State
High Resolution Digital Orthoimagery

The purpose of the Statewide Digital Orthoimagery Program (DOP) is to produce high-resolution digital orthoimagery for the State of New York on an ongoing annual basis. It is anticipated that the entire state will be covered every 3-5 years. Orthoimagery combines the image characteristics of a photograph with the geometric qualities of a map. The DOP will include data collection, data processing, and quality assurance/quality control. The specific goals of the Program are:

  • Cover 25-33% of the State with new digital orthoimagery every year.
  • Produce accurate natural color1 digital orthoimagery at a resolution of one (1) square foot on the ground.
  • Allow for upgrades of the requirements for the orthoimagery in consideration of county and local government needs (e.g., sub-1 foot resolution).
  • Serve up both the new and historical digital orthoimagery for free public access through the New York State GIS Clearinghouse.

The DOP produces data being used extensively by State agencies, counties, local governments, federal agencies, the private sector, the academic sector, and by ordinary citizens. Applications include economic development (web site features, site evaluations, etc.), real property inventory and assessment, infrastructure planning, natural resource inventory and planning, and general visual "backdrop" reference for other GIS layers of information. It is also used for the creation and updating of mapping features easily identifiable from the orthoimagery. The DOP is also producing a historical record that will be available for many years to come.

1 NOTE: Beginning in 2008, ALL imagery is 4-band orthoimagery, capable of both natural color and color infrared display. The base product was 1 ft resolution in urban areas and 2 ft resolution in non-urban areas through 2013. From 2014 on, the base product is 1 ft resolution for all areas.

Resolution: 2 ft, 1 ft, and 0.5 ft Ground Sample Distance (GSD) pixel resolution
Film Type(s): Color Infrared, natural color, panchromatic and 4-band from 2008 on
Projection: NAD83 New York State Plane Coordinate System (feet) * Available through the Digital Orthoimagery Application and the "Direct Download" option
UTM Zone 18 (meters) * Available from 2000 through 2005 Annual Lots
Accuracy: + 4 ft horizontally at the 95% confidence level for true 1 ft resolution
+ 8 ft horizontally at the 95% confidence level for 2 ft resolution
Extent of Coverage: View the NYS Statewide Digital Orthoimagery Program Status to obtain information about the New York State Statewide Digital Orthoimagery program status. The NYS Statewide Digital Orthoimagery Program Status outlines which counties are included in each Annual Lot, in addition to the schedule for delivery and online posting of the digital orthoimagery.
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