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NYS ITS GIS Program Office

Geographic Information Systems Clearinghouse

New York State Digital Orthoimagery Program - Samples

Download Zips of Samples

About the Samples

The following page contains links to sample images from the Statewide Digital Orthoimagery Program. The samples are representative of the current image types and resolutions. The files are presented in the JPEG 2000 compressed format (.JP2) that is the program's standard deliverable.

A full appreciation of the utility and suitability of the imagery for your needs can best be made by downloading the sample files and performing the following evaluations. (A link to free image viewing software is also provided below.)

The following information may be helpful in evaluating the samples:

Please note that the imagery samples depict early Spring conditions to obtain leaf-off conditions. Consequently, the  imagery in the samples do not have the vivid and saturated colors that can generally be expected for imagery taken in the later Spring and Summer when lawns have "greened-up" and other vegetation has begun vigorous seasonal growth. Generally speaking, imagery taken in the early spring is best for identifying the "built environment" and other man-made features that will appear in distinctly different hues than most natural features. Imagery taken in the early spring is ideally suited for determining a number of conditions in the natural environment, such as delineating wetlands, assessing soil moisture and seepage patterns, differentiating deciduous and coniferous tree species, identifying areas of "stressed" vegetation, etc.

Viewing the Samples

If you do not have GIS or other software to view the sample images on your PC, the following is a link to download a free viewer: