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Data Set Name Description Theme Metadata
Biodiversity Indicator Tool The Biodiversity Indicator Tool (BIT) was constructed by adding a suite of individual data layers, and then rescoring the combined result to a convenient scale of 0 – 100. Higher scores indicate that more biodiversity features from the input data layers were present; lower scores indicate fewer co-occurring features. The Biodiversity Indicator gives a general indication of areas that may have high value for biodiversity. As such, it is limited by the accuracy and choice of data layers used to construct it. The Biodiversity Indicator is a predictive model and is not a substitute for field work or detailed ecological knowledge of existing conditions on the ground. The Biodiversity Indicator Tool includes two data products, the Biodiversity Indicator layer, which is a georeferenced TIFF image covering NYS at 30-meter resolution, and the Watershed Biodiversity Score, a vector layer in which all HUC-12 watersheds in NYS were scored for their relative biodiversity value from the Biodiversity Indicator.  Habitat
Watersheds/Water Supply

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Biodiversity Indicator

Watershed Biodiversity Score



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