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NYS ITS GIS Program Office

Geographic Information Systems Clearinghouse

Putnam County

1 Data Sets
  Data Set Name Description
1. Parcel Data by Town, City, and Village
   Data Set Details
Data was prepared for tax purposes only. Absolutely no guarantee of accuracy or completeness is implied or intended. Coverages only current as of March 1st (taxable status date) and Assessment data as of July 1st (final roll) each year. Data maintained by the Putnam County Department of Information Technology. Digitized Tax Parcels, including RPS GIS extract data. ArcInfo Export Format -- For the following: Town of Carmel, Town of Kent, Town of Patterson, Town of Philpstown, Town of Putnam, Town of Southeast Parcels (including Village of Brewster), Town of Cold Spring, Town of Nelsonville Parcels