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NYS ITS GIS Program Office

Geographic Information Systems Clearinghouse


NYS DOT Quad Code: Q12
USGS Quad Code: o42078h3
County: Genesee

Coverages Available

NYS Department of Transportation Raster Quadrangle
(1:24,000 scale - UTM Zone 18, NAD 83)

Preview image (GIF)

Download quad
The zipped file includes for each TIFF image internal GeoTIFF georegistration, a MapInfo format table file (.tab), and an ESRI format world file (.tfw). Separate files are provided for the quadrangle planimetric(map body) and topography(contours) layers.

Basic Metadata
DOT Edition Date:      1998
USGS Contour Date:      1984
Contour Interval:      2
Units:     Meters
Scan type:     Full Digital Revision Process at 508 dpi resolution

More about the DOT Quadrangles

USGS Digital Raster Graphic (DRG) Quadrangle
(1:25,000 scale - UTM Zone 17, NAD 27)

Publication Date:      1984

Note: If you download this file, you'll see that the file name doesn't begin with an o, like most other USGS files, but rather with a k, e.g. The k indicates that the DRG actually covers two adjoining quadrangles.

Preview image (GIF - please note this is a very large file)

Download quad
The zipped file includes the TIFF image, plus a MapInfo format table file (.tab), and an ESRI format world file (.tfw).

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Other Coverages

Additional coverages for the Alexander quad are available from CUGIR, the GIS repository at Cornell University.