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NYS ITS GIS Program Office

Geographic Information Systems Clearinghouse

New York State Parcels

The mission of the Statewide Parcel Map Program is to collect, assemble, maintain, and provide access to statewide tax parcel GIS data.

For more information, contact the NYS GIS Program Office Lands and Boundaries Unit at

Tax Parcel Data:map of counties sharing parcels with public

Currently 30 counties' parcel data is available for download in a single file under a common data schema.

  1. Cayuga
  2. Chautauqua
  3. Cortland
  4. Erie
  5. Genesee
  6. Greene
  7. Hamilton
  8. Lewis
  9. NYC - Bronx
  10. NYC - Kings (Brooklyn)
  11. NYC - New York (Manhattan)
  12. NYC - Queens
  13. NYC - Richmond (Staten Island)
  14. Oneida
  15. Onondaga
  16. Ontario
  17. Orange
  18. Oswego
  19. Putnam
  20. Rensselaer
  21. Rockland
  22. Schuyler
  23. St. Lawrence
  24. Steuben
  25. Sullivan
  26. Tioga
  27. Tompkins
  28. Ulster
  29. Warren
  30. Westchester

Publicly Available Tax Parcel GIS Data is available as a web service: or as a data download.


NYS Owned Tax Parcels:map of NYS owned tax parcels

GIS tax parcels determined to be owned by the State of New York in all 62 counties. This designation was based on the tax assessment owner name, Internet research, and work with individual State agencies. The State agency that owns and/or operates the tax parcel is also identified. Refinement of this dataset is on-going.

State-Owned Tax Parcel GIS data is available as a web service: or as a data download.




NYS Tax Parcel Centroid Points:map of nys tax parcel centroid points

Parcel centroid data for all 62 New York State counties. Parcel centroids were generated using the NYS Office of Information Technology Services GIS Program Office's (GPO) Statewide Parcel Map program data. Attribute values were populated using Assessment Roll tabular data the GPO obtained from the NYS Department of Tax and Finance's Office of Real Property Tax Services (ORPTS).

Tax Parcel Centroid Data is available as a web service: or as a data download.


County Parcel Data Resources

(Revised November 2020)

Parcel Data on
Parcel Data on County Website
Parcel Data Viewer
Additional Parcel Resources
Albany Albany parcel page Albany parcel resources Albany parcel viewer Albany additional
Allegany Allegany parcel page Allegany parcel resources Allegany parcel viewer Allegany additional
Bronx n/a NYC parcel resources NYC parcel viewer NYC additional
Broome n/a Broome parcel resources Broome parcel viewer Broome additional
Cattaraugus Cattaraugus parcel page Cattaraugus parcel resources Cattaraugus parcel viewer Cattaraugus additional
Cayuga n/a Cayuga parcel resources Cayuga parcel viewer Cayuga parcel additional
Chautauqua n/a Chautauqua parcel resources Chautauqua parcel viewer Chautauqua additional
Chemung Chemung parcel page Chemung parcel resources Chemung parcel viewer Chemung additional
Chenango n/a Chenango parcel resources Chenango parcel viewer Chenango additional
Clinton n/a Clinton parcel resources Clinton parcel viewer Clinton additional
Columbia Columbia parcel page Columbia parcel resources Columbia parcel viewer Columbia additional
Cortland Cortland parcel page Cortland parcel resources Cortland parcel viewer Cortland additional
Delaware Delaware parcel page Delaware parcel resources Delaware parcel viewer Delaware additional
Dutchess n/a Dutchess parcel resources Dutchess parcel viewer Dutchess additional
Erie n/a Erie parcel resources Erie parcel viewer Erie additional
Essex n/a Essex parcel resources Essex parcel viewer Essex additional
Franklin n/a Franklin parcel resources Franklin parcel viewer Franklin additional
Fulton n/a Fulton parcel resources Fulton parcel viewer Fulton additional
Genesee Genesee parcel page Genesee parcel resources Genesee parcel viewer Genesee additional
Greene Greene parcel page Greene parcel resources Greene parcel viewer Greene additional
Hamilton n/a Hamilton parcel resources Hamilton parcel viewer Hamilton additional
Herkimer n/a Herkimer parcel resources Herkimer parcel viewer Herkimer additional
Jefferson n/a Jefferson parcel resources Jefferson parcel viewer Jefferson additional
Kings (Brooklyn) n/a NYC parcel resources NYC parcel viewer NYC additional
Lewis n/a Lewis parcel resources Lewis parcel viewer Lewis additional
Livingston n/a Livingston parcel resources Livingston parcel viewer Livingston additional
Madison Madison parcel page Madison parcel resources Madison parcel viewer Madison additional
Monroe n/a Monroe parcel resources Monroe parcel viewer Monroe additional
Montgomery Montgomery parcel page Montgomery parcel resources Montgomery parcel viewer Montgomery additional
Nassau n/a Nassau parcel resources Nassau parcel viewer Nassau additional
New York (Manhattan) n/a NYC parcel resources NYC parcel viewer NYC additional
Niagara Niagara parcel page Niagara parcel resources Niagara parcel viewer Niagara additional
Niagara additional Niagara additional parcel page n/a n/a n/a
Oneida n/a Oneida parcel resources Oneida parcel viewer Oneida additional
Onondaga Onondaga parcel page Onondaga parcel resources Onondaga parcel viewer Onondaga additional
Ontario Ontario parcel page Ontario parcel resources Ontario parcel viewer Ontario additional
Orange Orange parcel page Orange parcel resources Orange parcel viewer Orange additional
Orleans n/a Orleans parcel resources Orleans parcel viewer Orleans additional
Oswego Oswego parcel page Oswego parcel resources Oswego parcel viewer Oswego additional
Otsego Otsego parcel page Otsego parcel resources Otsego parcel viewer Otsego additional
Putnam Putnam parcel page Putnam parcel resources Putnam parcel viewer Putnam additional
Queens n/a NYC parcel resources NYC parcel viewer NYC additional
Rensselaer Rensselaer parcel page Rensselaer parcel resources n/a Rensselaer additional
Richmond (Staten Island) n/a NYC parcel resources NYC parcel viewer NYC additional
Rockland n/a Rockland parcel resources Rockland parcel viewer Rockland additional
Saratoga Saratoga parcel page Saratoga parcel resources Saratoga parcel viewer Saratoga additional
Schenectady n/a Schenectady parcel resources Schenectady parcel viewer Schenectady additional
Schoharie Schoharie parcel page Schoharie parcel resources Schoharie parcel viewer Schoharie additional
Schuyler n/a Schuyler parcel resources Schuyler parcel viewer Schuyler additional
Seneca n/a Seneca parcel resources n/a Seneca additional
St Lawrence n/a St Lawrence parcel resources St Lawrence parcel viewer St Lawrence additional
Steuben Steuben parcel page Steuben parcel resources Steuben parcel viewer Steuben additional
Suffolk n/a Suffolk parcel resources Suffolk parcel viewer Suffolk additional
Sullivan Sullivan parcel page Sullivan parcel resources Sullivan parcel viewer Sullivan additional
Tioga Tioga parcel resources Tioga parcel resources Tioga parcel viewer Tioga additional
Tompkins Tompkins parcel page Tompkins parcel resources Tompkins parcel viewer Tompkins additional
Ulster Ulster parcel page Ulster parcel resources Ulster parcel viewer Ulster additional
Warren Warren parcel page Warren parcel resources Warren parcel viewer Warren additional
Washington Washington parcel page Washington parcel resources Washington parcel viewer Washington additional
Wayne n/a Wayne parcel resources Wayne parcel viewer Wayne additional
Westchester Westchester parcel page Westchester parcel resources Westchester parcel viewer Westchester additional
Wyoming n/a Wyoming parcel resources Wyoming parcel viewer Wyoming additional
Yates n/a Yates parcel resources Yates parcel viewer Yates additional



The Statewide Parcel Map program is the formalization of work that has been going on in New York for more than a decade.

As far back as 2004, the NYS Geospatial Advisory Council identified tax parcel boundary and land ownership information as one of three framework data sets necessary for governments to effectively use and benefit from GIS technology.

During 2007-2008, the Office Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructure Coordination utilized a USGS CAP grant to develop the NYS GIS Strategic Plan. The Geospatial Advisory Council and the NYS GIS Association collaborated.  In addition to identifying very high demand for parcel data across the stakeholder community, the plan's recommendations included five prioritized initiatives that would advance the geospatial programs within the state. The highest priority recommendation was to "[f]ormally pursue a program to develop a statewide parcel data layer…" (p.38)

In 2011, the Office of Cyber Security utilized another CAP grant to develop the Business Plan for Centralized Access to Consistent Cadastral Data which identified that at least a dozen NYS agencies undertake independent efforts to gather, standardize and utilize tax parcel data. It also identified "enormous barriers" to gaining universal acceptance of sharing and standardization of the data.

Centralized Access to Consistent Cadastral Data pdf

In 2014, the NYS GIS Program Office created the Statewide Parcel Map Program and began the work of collecting GIS tax parcel data from counties and incorporating it into a statewide dataset under a common data schema for release to the public. This work is on-going.