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About SAM


The NYS GIS Program Office has embarked on a major project to create a detailed statewide address point dataset. This will expand on the current NYS Address Points, improve their positional accuracy and maintain them in the NENA address standard. Standardized, accurate, and up-to-date address points are a required dataset for Next Generation 911 (NG911). This presents a challenge because consistently formatted address data are not uniformly available across the state. Centralizing the address point data build effort will result in the least costly solution for all.

Building the data for the high level needed for 911 dispatch will also ensure it is suitable for multiple applications. For example, the SAM dataset will also be used to host a statewide geocoding service. State and local agencies need to geocode addresses as point locations to support a variety of functions. This will allow multiple state agencies, local governments and other entities to utilize this shared service to get consistent, accurate geocoding results. In addition, this will eliminate the redundant cost and effort of each organization maintaining its own geocoding service, and the potential of different entities receiving conflicting results from different geocoding services.

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The SAM dataset will accommodate sub-addresses (e.g. apartment, building, suite, floor, etc.) as determined necessary by 9-1-1 officials. The SAM initiative nicely complements the NYS Streets & Address Points Data Maintenance which has been underway at the NYS GIS Program Office for several years (see the Streets & Address Maintenance tab above).