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Welcome to SAM News Issue #13, January and February, 2015

SAM Project Transitions to SAM Program

mapAs the federal Broadband grant that funded the SAM Project comes to a close, a state funded maintenance program begins in the ITS GIS Program Office. Much of the core SAM team remains with the program and will be involved in updating the NYS Streets data as well as SAM Address Points.  We are keeping the SAM acronym but to reflect our transition to data maintenance, we will now be referred to as the Street and Address Maintenance (SAM) Program.

Post Processing Status

Over the past year, SAM team member Cheryl Benjamin has delivered SAM Address Point data and held onsite data maintenance meetings with 40 counties! As can be seen in this status map (a larger version is at, 72% of the counties have now received their SAM Address Points. Post processing is wrapping up and after a break from traveling, Cheryl is contacting counties to schedule the final 17 SAM data maintenance meetings.

SAM Data Model Changes

In order to stay in alignment with the developing NENA addressing standards, a few changes were made to our SAM Address Points data model. The PreDirectional and PostDirectional fields now include abbreviated domain values (e.g. N instead of North).  The PreType domain (e.g. State Route) now include only those values used in NYS and are spelled out to keep in synch with the NENA data model. This greatly reduces the number of allowable values to search through when selecting a PreType.  Also, to keep in synch with the NENA data model, 3 new fields were added for fully spelled out PreDirectional, StreetType, and PostDirectional values. Finally, 6 new fields were added for edit tracking which will be used in GeoLynx, our data maintenance tool. Access the updated full schema document at

GeoLynx Training

In mid-February we successfully trained our first two counties on using GeoLynx to maintain the SAM Address Points!  After working out a glitch with GeoComm, we will soon be contacting counties to schedule more GeoLynx training.  We will be calling counties in early March to work out a training schedule.

Updated Geocoding Service

Now that the SAM Address Point data build is completed, our geocoding web service is being updated to include all 6.2 million SAM Address Points. With the inclusion of these points, we no longer need separate address locators based on parcel centroids. This simplifies the service by reducing the number of address locators, which should increase geocoding speed. We are setting up the new geocoding service to run concurrently with the existing geocoding service. This will allow users to adjust and test their applications to take advantage of the improved locators before we decommission our existing service. Our office is currently testing the new geocoding service, so stay tuned for an announcement of its availability. If you would like to stay updated on our geocoding web services, send an email to and ask to have your name and email added to our geocoding distribution list.

Contacts and Important Links

Direct data download:
Web services:
SAM web page:
Outreach/Data Maintenance Discussions:          
Cheryl Benjamin:  518-242-5034 or
GeoLynx Data Maintenance Tool:
Tom Fraser:        518-242-5177 or
Craig Fargione:  518-242-5176 or
Rodger Coryell: 518-242-5048 or