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Welcome to SAM News Issue #14, March and April, 2015

Post Processing Status

map The status map continues to fill in blue with 82% of the counties having now received their SAM Address Points (a larger version is at Just 11 counties are left to visit for their onsite data maintenance meetings! As a reminder, the data is not released to the public until counties receive their data. Links to the publically available data are at the end of the newsletter.

GeoLynx Training

We are happy to report that once GeoComm resolved a lingering issue with their GeoLynx software in late March, counties previously trained began using GeoLynx to maintain their SAM Address Points.  GeoLynx continues to function without incident and we've starting contacting more counties to schedule their GeoLynx training. Counties who are ready to be trained now can also contact SAM Program manager Cheryl Benjamin to secure an earlier training date.

Updated Geocoding Service

The new geocoding web service is available at  This version now references statewide SAM points, allowing us to simplify the collection of locators.  Our previous geocoding service will be decommissioned soon.  The new service has two composites. Note that Street_and_Address_Composite consists of six locators (three from NYS Streets and three from the SAM Address Points). Street_NoNum_and_ZipCode_Composite is for geocoding to a street when you don't have an address number or when you want to at least get a ZipCode centroid returned.  If you would like to stay updated on our geocoding web services, please send an email to and ask to have your name and email added to our geocoding distribution list.

National Address Database Summit

SAM Program manager Cheryl Benjamin and representatives from New York City and Tompkins County were invited to attend a two day summit sponsored by the USDOT that brought together about 80 public and private sector stakeholders regarding development of a publicly accessible National Address Point Database containing X/Y coordinates.  Think the SAM Program, but at a national level!  Cheryl was asked to help seed the discussion and spoke about "what we want from a national address database." Participants engaged in facilitated discussions to flush out the needs for a national program and the challenges that must be overcome for a successful result. To learn more about the Summit, contact Cheryl or check out the summary posted by the National States Geographic Information Council at

Contacts and Important Links

Direct data download:
Web services:
SAM web page:
Outreach/Data Maintenance Discussions:          
Cheryl Benjamin:  518-242-5034 or
GeoLynx Data Maintenance Tool:
Tom Fraser:        518-242-5177 or
Craig Fargione:  518-242-5176 or
Rodger Coryell: 518-242-5048 or