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Welcome to SAM News Issue #15, May and June, 2015


Post Processing Status

Over 85% of the counties have now received their SAM Address Points.  Just 9 counties are left to visit for their onsite data maintenance meetings as shown in the SAM Production Status map (larger version at  Post processing for these counties has been completed so we are just trying to find a mutually available time on SAM Program manager Cheryl Benjamin's schedule and each county for their onsite meeting.  Links to the publically available data are at the end of the newsletter.


GeoLynx Training

We continue to make progress rolling out GeoLynx training to the counties interested in using our free online editing tool to maintain their SAM Address Points. GeoLynx training for counties that are a further distance from Albany and require overnight travel are being scheduled in groups on consecutive days to minimize our travel costs. We may contact your county if training is being scheduled in a nearby county.  However, counties who are ready for their training are encouraged to contact Cheryl Benjamin to secure an earlier training date.

Pictometry Viewer

A popular GeoLynx feature allows users to select a location on the map and open Google Street View or Bing Bird's Eye oblique imagery at the selected location in a separate window. We are in discussions with Pictometry to add a Pictometry imagery viewer option to GeoLynx.  This will allow Pictometry customers who have procured newer obliques than what is currently available in Bing Maps to view their newer imagery through a similar tool within GeoLynx.

NYS Streets Data

Every night the SAM Team reprocesses and posts updated SAM Address Points and an updated statewide NYS Streets file on the GeoLynx Portal.  As we work with the counties editing data locally, we'll also provide them access to the GeoLynx portal so they too can get daily Address Points and NYS Streets updates.  Updated data is posted quarterly on the NYS GIS Clearinghouse with the SAM Address Points last posted in June and the NYS Streets expected to be available within the week. Web services were last updated in June and plans are underway for updates occurring at least twice a month.

Updated SAM Documents

We've made a minor update to the PlaceType domain table per the suggestion of one of our GeoLynx users. PlaceType, populated only for Miscellaneous Points, now includes "Vanity Address" as an allowable value.  This is intended for an address used by a residence/business that is not recognized by the 9-1-1 Addressing Authority (for example, a corner lot where they are incorrectly using the intersecting street). The latest documents are on the SAM Document page at

NSGIC Liaison to NENA

SAM Program Manager Cheryl Benjamin was recently appointed the National States Geographic Information Council's (NSGIC) designated representative to the National Emergency Number Association (NENA).  NSGIC consists of the lead GIS executives from each state and is focused on national GIS policy and improving statewide GIS coordination.  Cheryl is an active member in both organizations, participating on NSGIC's Address Committee and NG9-1-1 Committee and on several NENA GIS-related workgroups.  As NSGIC's liaison, Cheryl will work with NENA leadership to address specific issues of concern from their respective organizations, with a strong focus on national GIS standards and practices that adhere to the stringent requirements of the 9-1-1 community.

PSAP and Emergency Service Boundaries Pilot Project

As a natural extension of the SAM Program, the GIS Program Office is embarking on a project to assemble a consistent, statewide layer of PSAP and Emergency Service Boundaries built to NENA standards.  These GIS layers are required for NG9-1-1.  Centralizing the build through a cooperative effort between the counties and the state will give the best and most efficient result for all.  We will pilot the project with Albany County and also reach out to other counties with existing data.  Building on what we learn, we will continue to expand the effort with the goal to eventually cover the entire state.  The data will be made available to the counties as well as state agencies for communications planning and other activities.  If you have questions or would like to learn more about the project, please contact Jason Baum at 518-242-5175.

Contacts and Important Links

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Cheryl Benjamin:  518-242-5034 or
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