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Welcome to SAM News Issue #16, Third Quarter, 2015


Post Processing Status

Processing completed!  At this point we are just trying to find a mutually available time on SAM Program Manager Cheryl Benjamin's schedule and the remaining nine counties for their onsite data maintenance meetings. Now that summer vacations are over, calendars are freeing up, and we hope to soon wrap up the remaining deliveries. Updated publically available data is posted quarterly to the NYS GIS Clearinghouse and the Address Points web service is updated the first and third Fridays each month.  Links to both are at the end of the newsletter.


GeoLynx Training

Since March, our GeoLynx partners have already made over 5,500 edits! The physical move of our office and availability of counties during the summer months slowed our progress rolling out GeoLynx training.  Given our competing priorities and to help expedite delivery of the Address Point data to the remaining 9 counties, GeoLynx training is currently limited to the counties we've been in contact with over the past few months.  Once the initial Address Point delivery is completed, GeoLynx training will again be in full swing. 

Given how long it usually takes to find a mutually available training date, we encourage counties ready for GeoLynx training to contact Cheryl Benjamin to begin discussing potential dates for later this fall. 

NYS Streets Data*

Now that SAM post processing activities are complete, more attention is being given to updating the NYS Streets file. Since March, the SAM team has already made over 74,000 edits to the NYS Streets file based on county and state agency submitted changes, modifications needed as a result of the SAM Project, and some inconsistencies discovered when we implemented more stringent QA/QC checks.  In parallel, we've made over 153,000 edits to the Address Points, many of which removed AP_Flag values related to NYS Streets issues that we've resolved.  We anticipate quarterly posting of updated data, including the public versions, in March, June, September, and December.  Note that we no longer post a log of the street edits made, but three DateTime edit tracking fields can be queried to determine what was changed. For more details, see page 3 in the Data Dictionary at
*Reminder: NYS Streets and derivative products are copyright protected, SAM Address Points are not.

Data Model Additions

A Label field which uses Directional and Street Type abbreviations was added to the NYS Streets file. During a recent maintenance window, we added a few new fields to the NYS Streets and Address Points. Most are mandatory fields needed for compliance with recent changes in the draft NG9-1-1 GIS Data Model and were added as unpopulated fields. We've successfully piloted population of the ESN fields in Ulster and Greene counties. Additional population of ESN will be by request and requires county-provided GIS source data.
Address Points: Country, ESN  
Streets: LeftCountry, RightCountry, LeftParity, RightParity, LeftESN, RightESN

PSAP and Emergency Service Boundaries Pilot Project

Our pilot project with Albany County to create emergency service boundaries in the NENA standard is progressing well.  We expect to have a preliminary dataset to share and review with Albany County within the next month.  At the 9-1-1 Coordinator's Conference in Syracuse, we will provide an overview of the pilot project and our progress to date.  We will also be reaching out to counties that may have already mapped their boundaries. Building on what we learn, we will continue to expand this effort with the goal to eventually cover the entire state.  The data will be made available to the counties as well as state agencies for communications, planning, and other activities.  Please contact Jason Baum (518-242-5175) to learn more about the project.

NENA Standards

The NENA Information Document for Development of Site/Structure Address Point GIS Data for 9-1-1 (NENA-INF-014.1) was approved for publication on 9/18/2015 and is at This document was created by the NENA Workgroup Cheryl co-chaired and included several members of our NYS 9-1-1 community.

Contacts and Important Links

Address Points direct download:
NYS Streets direct download:
Web services:
SAM web page:
Outreach/Data Maintenance Discussions:          
Cheryl Benjamin:  518-242-5034 or
GeoLynx Data Maintenance Tool:
Tom Fraser:        518-242-5177 or
Craig Fargione:  518-242-5176 or
Rodger Coryell: 518-242-5048 or