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Welcome to SAM News Issue #17, Fourth Quarter, 2015


GeoLynx Training

Thirteen counties have now been trained to use GeoLynx for editing the SAM Address Points and submitting changes needed for the NYS Streets data.  Given how long it usually takes to find a mutually available training date and get their ID accounts set up, we encourage counties ready for GeoLynx training to contact SAM Program Manager Cheryl Benjamin to begin discussing potential training dates.


Address Point Edits

Since March, our data maintenance partners have already made over 6,500 edits to the Address Points. In addition, the SAM Program team has made over 84,000 edits to the NYS Streets and over 166,000 edits to the Address Points (many related to removing AP_Flags associated with errors in the NYS Streets data that were recently corrected).

Coming Soon…Publically Accessible Parcel Data in GeoLynx

Our GeoLynx users will be pleased to learn that county parcels will soon be a data layer that will be viewable in GeoLynx.  The data will be incorporated using the GIS Program Office's new publically accessible parcel data web service that is currently under construction. Available data in the parcel service is limited to those counties that have given permission to the Statewide Parcel Program to make their parcel boundaries and a limited set of attributes publically available.  For more information about how to include your county's parcel data in the web service, please contact Statewide Parcel Program Manager Robert Gehrer at 518-242-5047.


Upcoming Changes to Data Distribution

Each night, updated NYS Address Points and NYS Streets files are posted to our GeoLynx GIS Portal in ESRI Geodatabase and Shapefile formats.  Existing GeoLynx users already have access to the Portal and the data stored there.  We want to extend this data access to all of our data maintenance partners so we'll soon transition from using the DHSES Secure FTP site for data distribution to using our Portal. Existing FTP account holders who are not yet GeoLynx users will be assigned an account for the Portal so that they can continue to download and distribute the data to their county offices. We will start with a pilot County to ensure that we have all details worked out correctly before extending the access to all counties.

SAM Data Maintenance Discussions

There are only 7 counties left that still need an onsite data maintenance meeting.  SAM Program Manager Cheryl Benjamin continues to contact the counties to find a mutually available time for their onsite data maintenance meeting. Once a date is set, the data is provided to the county.  The data is not made publically available until then and is typically included in the next quarterly update on the NYS GIS Clearinghouse and the next update of the Address Points web service (first and third Fridays each month).  Links to both public distribution sources are at the end of the newsletter.


PSAP and Emergency Service Boundaries Pilot Project

Our pilot project with Albany County to create emergency service boundaries in the draft NENA standard is about halfway complete.  We've shared preliminary boundary data with Albany County and have been working with them on edits and refinements.  Our procedures to create boundaries from an MSAG continue to evolve and some have now been automated.  At the right is an example of the preliminary emergency service boundaries for the Town of New Scotland.  Counties that have already created their emergency service boundaries are invited to share them with us.  Please contact Jason Baum at 518-242-5175 to share your boundaries or to learn more about the project.

SAM Program Featured in the National 9-1-1 Office's Webinar Series

SAM Program Manager Cheryl Benjamin was invited to speak at the National 911 Office's October 13 "State of 911" webinar about the SAM Program.  Cheryl shared the SAM Program's experiences building the statewide Address Points file to support Next Generation (NG) 9-1-1 and our ongoing data maintenance partnerships. To see the presentation or to sign up for future "State of 911" webinars, see

Contacts and Important Links

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