Coordination Program Overview

Coordination Program



Lis DeGironimo

Elisabetta DeGironimo, GISP
NYS Deputy GIO


The stated mission of the NYS GIS Program Office (GPO) is to deliver geospatial information and capabilities to benefit all of New York -- an important and exciting mission to be sure! The GPO provides datasets that form the framework for significant decisions impacting the safety of New Yorkers and the vitality of New York.

The GPO’s initiative, ShareGIS, is the vision for a shared, enterprise-class GIS web services platform for New York State, which has dramatically increased the capabilities of all GIS practitioners and activities at the State while reducing costs and redundant effort. ShareGIS infrastructure delivers over 15TB of framework data as GIS web services. In 2022, there were over 1 billion web service requests!

Guiding the GPO are stakeholder groups whose members combine framework datasets with business data layers to develop robust solutions. The Geospatial Advisory Council is the conduit for the other stakeholder groups and serves a critical role in guiding the GPO. Its mission is to: Advise the State on the effective use of geospatial technology resulting in tangible benefits to NYS. Its members represent the geographic regions of NYS and all levels of government from local to federal, as well as the not-for-profit, academic, utilities, and private sectors.

Coordination and collaboration are at the heart of GIS in New York State. This web site is intended to foster collaboration, data sharing, and connecting the State's GIS community. Please visit often to explore the expanding offerings of GIS resources and contribute to this community by sharing your data, experiences, or feedback. Together, we can build a better New York one GIS layer at a time!


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