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NYS ITS GIS Program Office

Geographic Information Systems Clearinghouse

Procedure for Submitting a GIS Standard

A GIS Standard can be proposed by any member of the New York State Geospatial Advisory Council (GAC) formerly GIS Coordinating Body or its advisory groups, work groups, or subcommittees, and any member of the New York State GIS Data Sharing Cooperative, as well as state or local government agencies. Proposals will also be considered from non-government groups such as professional societies, private companies, consortia, and educational institutions. Every effort should be made to adopt existing standards rather than develop new standards.

All suggested standards can be submitted to the or provided in writing to Executive Director of Geospatial Advisory Council, GIO Frank Winters (

Submissions must provide the following information:

Subject area scope/scale:

Identify what is being standardized and provide a draft of the proposed standard. Indicate who should use this standard and under what circumstances. Identify other organizations that may be interested in the proposed standard.

Need for the standard:

Identify why this standard is being proposed. Describe as fully as possible the benefits of developing the standard, and the consequences of not developing the standard.


Describe the relationship of this standard proposal to ongoing State, Federal, and International standards efforts and existing standards. If there are relationships with other existing standards, identify the existing standard and its relationship and clarify why the existing standard does not meet the proposer's need.

Characterize as possible the budget and personnel resources anticipated to complete the standard as well as the resources required for maintenance if known.

Critical Success factors:

Provide a list of things that absolutely must be done in order for this standard to be useful and/or supported. Things to consider are timing for adoption, labor resources, financial resources, support from other agencies, etc.


Identify agencies or organizations that should participate in developing the standard and, if known, methods that should be used to assure a consensual development process.

Details on the process for review and approval of a GIS Standard are available on-line at