Where can I find available geographic data

The NYS GIS Clearinghouse is a great place to start if you are looking for GIS data for New York. Click on the button to begin searching for and exploring GIS data from many sources.


Access GIS Data

How do I connect to a web service

Documentation on how to add a web service is available for the following software.

ArcMap - Adding a Web Service toArcGIS (pdf)

ArcPro  - Connecting to ShareGIS Web Services with ArcPro (pdf)

QGISConnecting to ShareGIS Web Services in QGIS (pdf)

Javascript and html - Connecting to ShareGIS Web Services in JavaScript and html (pdf)

For more general information on web services visit the ShareGIS Page.

What GIS Datasets do not exist statewide yet

Users often want GIS data that covers the entire state, but some datasets are only available for specific areas or as many separate pieces. Based on user inquiries, Geospatial Services has compiled the following list of popular datasets which are not yet available statewide.

Zoning Boundaries - contact local municipalities or check out the New York Zoning Atlas project.

Sewer/Water/Fire Districts- contact local municipalities

Election/Voting Districts - contact County Boards of Elections

City Wards/Districts- contact local municipalities

Survey-grade parcel boundaries- contact a licensed surveyor. New York State Association of Professional Land Surveyors (NYSAPLS):