Information about Elevation Datasets including LIDAR Point Cloud, Bare Earth Digital Elevation Models, and Contours


LIDAR Point Cloud

New York State Elevation Program works closely with other state and federal agencies to plan, collect, and distribute LIDAR Data. Each year we plan our collections closely with other stakeholders to avoid duplication of effort and to ensure the highest priority areas are collected. We have been producing data since 2008 and have also focused our time collecting and distributing other datasets within New York State that date back to 2002. 

NYS LIDAR Collections, Downloads, and Metadata

NYS Digital Elevation Models - DEM


The New York State Elevation Program goal is to have high resolution Digital Elevation Models (DEM) of 2 meters or better available statewide by the end of 2023. DEM’s are one of the many derived datasets from the LIDAR point cloud.  The DEM’s represent the bare earth topographic surface and do not include any vegetation, buildings, or other above ground features. DEM’s serve many purposes including land-use planning, contour generation and hydrology. 

NYS DEM Collections, Downloads, and Metadata

NYS Contours

High Resolution Contours

The New York State Elevation Program is in the process of having high resolution contours of 2 feet or better intervals available statewide. Contours are generated from the high resolution DEM’s that we have available. Contours are a representation of the bare earth surface that indicate the ground elevation and help visualize the characteristics of the earth's surface.


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