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GIS Data Set Details

Data Set Name Description Theme Metadata
Natural Heritage Important Areas - NYNHP
Revised: January 2019
Important Areas are lands and waters in the Hudson River Valley, delineated with GIS models, that support the continued presence and quality of known populations of rare animals and rare plants, or of documented examples of rare or high-quality ecological communities. Important Areas include the specific locations where the animals, plants, and/or ecological communities have been observed, but go beyond these to also include: additional habitat for the rare animal and plant populations, including areas which may be used by rare animals for breeding, nesting, feeding, roosting, or over-wintering; and areas that support the natural ecological processes critical to maintaining the habitats of these rare animal and plant populations, or critical to maintaining these significant communities.  Habitat
Aquatic Models
Diadromous Fishes
Terrestrial Model
Wetland Model
Wild Brook Trout
Natural Communities
Plants Public


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