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NYS ITS GIS Program Office

Geographic Information Systems Clearinghouse

Mohonk Preserve, Inc.

2 Data Sets
  Data Set Name Description
1. Mohonk Preserve
   Data Set Details
Polygon shapefile of Mohonk Preserves fee owned property based on a combination of survey maps, deed descriptions, NYS ITS Orthoimagery, USGS Digital Elevation Models, Ulster County tax parcel data and GPS data. NAD 83; UTM Zone 18 N. Minimum scale 1:500,000. This shapefile is still a work in progress and has inherited inaccuracies from the data it is based on. 
2. Mohonk Preserve Roads
   Data Set Details
Carriage roads and farm roads of the Mohonk Preserve, Inc. Mapped with GPS Unit with 1-3 meter accuracy. 1998-2000 by Mohonk Preserve.