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NYS ITS GIS Program Office

Geographic Information Systems Clearinghouse

Ulster County

6 Data Sets
  Data Set Name Description
1. Ulster County 20ft Contours
   Data Set Details
Ulster County 20ft Contours - This data set contains line and text features of elevational information covering Ulster County, New York. The three-dimensional files contain line features -- consisting of contour lines. The contour line files accurate to a scale of 1:24,000.  
2. Ulster County 2ft Contours
   Data Set Details
2ft topographic contours for Ulster County, NY, for cartographic display and relief analysis. Produced from the 2014 lidar dataset and 2015 topographic 1m DEM.  
3. Ulster County Election Districts
   Data Set Details
Election districts within Legislative districts based on town boundaries and 1990 Census block population.  
4. Ulster County Legislative Districts
   Data Set Details
Legislative districts developed as part of the 2011 Commission on Reapportionment. Boundaries were based on 2010 census data. 
5. Ulster County Tax Parcels
   Data Set Details
Ulster County digitized tax parcel data. ESRI personal geodatabase. Data is suitable for analysis, tax mapping and general mapping purposes. Maintained by Ulster County Real Property Tax Service Agency. Data has been updated and consolidated into one county-wide shapefile.  
6. Ulster County Zoning
   Data Set Details
Zoning Districts - This dataset includes a county-wide archive from 2004, in which all current town zoning maps were digitized.