History of NYS Geospatial Advisory Council


1994 Chapter 564 of the NY State Laws of 1994 establishes a 57-member Temporary GIS Coordinating Council 
9/16/1996 As a result of the Temporary Council’s work, NYS Technology Policy 96-18 establishes Technology Policy 96-18, creating a NYS GIS Coordinating Body (CB) of 15 people, as a standing program under the auspices of the New York State Office for Technology (OFT). 
11/8/1996  The New York State GIS Coordinating Body holds its first meeting. 
9/2002 The NYS Office of Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructure Coordination is created, and the CB now serves under the auspices of this new office. 
11/22/2012 NYS Office of Information Technology Services (ITS) created, and NYS GIS Coordinating Body now serves under the auspices of ITS. 
12/14/2006 A new structure of membership, terms limits, and nominations is approved by the Coordinating Body, expanding the group to 21 members. 
5/9/2013 The position of State Geographic Information Officer (GIO) is established by the NYS CIO.
6/1/2013 The GIS Coordinating Body is transformed into the NYS Geospatial Advisory Council, to better position itself for better integration with the roles played by the state GIO, the ITS GIS Program Office, and the NY State GIS Association.