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LIDAR datasets are available for download thru the Discover GIS Data NY Application, where you can download individual tiles for specific areas of interest.


For bulk download of LIDAR data we have an FTP site available (ftp://ftp.gis.ny.gov/elevation/LIDAR).

  • We highly recommend using an FTP client (Ex: FileZilla, WinSCP) with auto restart to download these tiles.
  • On Windows machine you can also paste ftp://ftp.gis.ny.gov/elevation/LIDAR into Windows File Explorer and navigate the FTP site.




Discover GIS Data Application

In-Progress LIDAR Collections


In Progress LIDAR Collections
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LIDAR Status of In-Progress Projects

NYSGPO - Lake Ontario Shoreline - Collected spring 2023

NYSGPO Southeast 4 County -  Collected and currently in review, we have a projected release of the Summer of 2023

USGS - Lake Ontario-Hudson River Region 2022 - Collected and currently in review

USGS - Lake Ontario-Hudson River Region 2019 - on hold







Existing LIDAR Collections

NYS Map of Existing LIDAR Coverage
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Existing LIDAR Collections 

The NYSGPO has access and distributes 55+ LIDAR datasets dating back to 2022.  With the completion of in-progress projects within New York State we will have complete statewide coverage of Quality Level 2 LIDAR data.