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NYS ITS GIS Program Office

Geographic Information Systems Clearinghouse

Web Services

Hosted by NYS State Agencies

This page serves as a guide to GIS data available from New York State Agencies via automated means using web services and extensible markup language (XML), as well as other popular media types. Services are invoked with the REST protocol.

Note: End users of a services who have a very large application user base should alert the host agency, so the clients can be kept advised of information about changes and updates

Adirondack Park Agency

Description: Adirondack Park Boundary

Description: Adirondack Park State and Private Land Class

Description: State Land Map

Description: Adirondack Designated Rivers System

Description: Adirondack Park Historic State Land Acquisition

Description: Damage 1950 Blowdown in the Adirondack Park

Description: Damage 1995 Blowdown in the Adirondack Park

Description: Park Boundary 1982

Description: Elevations Over 2500 feet in the Adirondack Park

Description: Wetland Covertypes of the Eastern Adirondack Park

Description: Wetland Covertypes of the Western Adirondack Park

Description: Adirondack Park State and Private Land Class with Anno

Description: Damage 1916 Fire in the Adirondack Park

Description: Historic USGS Quads in the Adirondack Park 1895 to 1910

Council on Children and Families

Description: NYS Counties

Description: NYS County Subdivisions

Description: NYS School Districts

Description: NYS Senate Districts

Description: NYS Assembly Districts

Description: NYS BOCES Districts

Description: NYS Economic Development Councils

Description: Child Care Locations

Description: SUNY Locations

Description: Public Schools (2012/13 School Year)

Description: Local Mental Health Programs

Description: Head Start Locations

Description: Department of Labor Career Centers

Description: WIC Locations

Department of Environmental Conservation

Description: State Land Inventory Mapping Main (SLIM_Main)

Description: State Land Inventory Mapping Trails (SLIM_Trails)

Department of State

Description: Biological

Description: Boundaries

Description: Boundaries (Brownfield-related)

Description: Commercial Fishing

Description: Cultural and Demographic

Description: Cultural and Demographic (Brownfield-related)

Description: Energy, Utilties, and Disposal

Description: Physical Environment

Description: Recreation

Description: Transportation

Department of Transportation

Description: Active Projects

Description: Basemap

Description: Commercial Vehicle Data Feed (CVDataFeed)

Description: Functional Classification of Roads

Description: Federal Aid Eligible Roads

Description: NYS Bike Map

Description: Roadway Inventory Viewer

Description: Posted Bridges

Description: Traffic Data Viewer

GIS Program Office (ITS/Public Safety)

Description: Orthoimagery - Latest

Description: Orthoimagery - 2015

Description: Orthoimagery - 2014

Description: Orthoimagery - 2013 CIR

Description: Orthoimagery - 2013

Description: Orthoimagery - 2012 CIR

Description: Orthoimagery - 2012

Description: Orthoimagery - 2011

Description: Orthoimagery - 2011 CIR

Description: Orthoimagery - 2010

Description: Orthoimagery - 2010 CIR

Description: Orthoimagery - 2009

Description: Orthoimagery - 2009 CIR

Description: Orthoimagery - 2008

Description: Orthoimagery - 2008 CIR

Description: Orthoimagery - 2007

Description: Orthoimagery - 2006

Description: Orthoimagery - 2005

Description: Orthoimagery - 2004

Description: Orthoimagery - 2003

Description: Orthoimagery - 2002

Description: Orthoimagery - 2001

Description: Orthoimagery - 2000

Description: Orthoimagery - NAPP

Description: Area Zip Codes

Description: Basemap

Description: Find_Place

Description: Hydrography

Description: Index of All Statewide Orthos and DEMS Available

Description: Labels

Description: DEM Index

Description: Ortho Index

Description: Orthos of 2011 Binghamton Flood by RIT & Kucera

Description: Orthos of 2011 Schoharie Creek Flood by RIT & Kucera


Description: NYS Civil Boundaries

  • Rest End Point:
  • Notes: Contains boundaries for incorporated places (state, counties, cities, towns, and villages) and Indian Territories in NYS. Also available as an ArcGIS Map Service:

Description: Geocoding Services - Street_and_Address_Composite

Description: Geocoding Services - Street_NoNum_and_ZipCode_Composite

Description: Geocoding Services - NYPlace

Description: SAM_Address_Points

Description: SAM_Address_Points_Symbolized

Description: NYS Tax Parcels - Publicly Shareable Counties

  • Rest End Point:
  • Notes: Scale triggered service with tax parcel data only for counties who gave the NYS GIS Program Office permission to share the data with the public or whose data was obtained from public sources.

Description: NYS Tax Parcels - Footprint of Publicly Shareable Counties

Description: NYS Tax Parcels - State-owned Only, Statewide Coverage

Public Service Commission

Description: Power Outages

  • Rest End Point:
  • Notes: Secure services are available for power outages. Contact DPS for access

Thruway Authority

Description: Park and Ride Lots

Description: Thruway Roads, Ramps, and Interchanges

Description: Thruway Travel Plazas

Description: NYS Canal System & Locks

Description: NYS Canalway Trail

Hosted by Federal Government

The National Map - Service Endpoints